On the Lighter Side: Cool Gardening Ideas

By Betty Harris

Junk mail. Stop it if you can. But if you can’t then make it into garden soil by simply digging a hole in the garden or around the flower beds, especially where you plant annuals and bury it with your kitchen scraps. You can shred it if you have a shredder or bury it whole. As it decomposes it adds organic matter to your soil and your soil holds more moisture so you don’t have to water so much.

Is this the year your are going to build those raised beds and grow some food? Look in your file drawers where you’ve got 30 yrs of tax returns and the backup documents. Release that space for something else. Keep tax return documents for 3 yrs, 3 months and 3 days past the filing due date. Release the older ones to the garden.

Dig down about 12-18 inches inside the newly made raised box and put about 4 inches of tax returns unshredded on the bottom. Add some brewer’s mash from the local micro brewery (we’ve got lots of them in town) and soil and leaves (you really should not throw those leaves into the landfill in plastic bags) and mix with the soil that you put back in. Add some soil supplement such as BOSS that you can get at O’Tooles and mix all together. Grow something.

Take one of my Cool Gardening classes this year to learn more. To be put on the invitation list to take this free class email me at betty@bettyaharris.com.


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