On The Lighter Side: COOL Garden Gang

Guest Contributor Susan Fifer

A new group is forming in Littleton and maybe “group” isn’t the right term. More like “movement.”

The new “COOL Garden Gang” met on March 17th ( a bit of green appropriate for St Patrick’s day?) under the tutelage of Betty Harris to form a co-op of like minded landscape and/or gardening enthusiasts who want to share ideas, design, labor, materials and resources. Some have taken, and eventually all will take Betty’s free  “Cool Gardening”  classes which focus on legal ways to conserve rainwater and grow more plant life.

The idea is to have each person define a goal within their property that they want help implementing, be it design or manual labor. The “gang” will formulate a plan for each and work together to bring it to fruition, in the style of “many hands make light work.” as well as building stronger community ties like country folk used to do with barn raisings.

As it is in its early stages there will be several planning and strategy meetings before work will begin! All are welcome and encouraged to join and become part of the movement to work as a community to improve our community!  Contact Betty at betty@bettyaharris.com for more information.


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