The Garden Gang

By Betty Harris

The Garden Gang is a community-wide group of avid gardeners who love helping others improve their spot in the neighborhood. Started recently in Littleton by Betty Harris, this group has already started the process of helping others.

Perhaps the importance of the Garden Gang grows as they plan for growth in gardens around town. Part of their motivation is based on enjoyment of physical activity. Part is about helping others and building community. A great deal of it may be on simply understanding how plants work in the environment and how we all benefit.

A quote from Brad Lancaster might help explain it. “Soil-animals, plants, fungi and microorganisms are the ultimate transformers and recyclers converting the solar energy, rocks, animal and insect waste, and dead matter into food, fertility and other energies.

“Plant and soil life transform things we cannot readily use into resources that we can use. The more healthy soil life that exists, the more resources it can produce. Yet the health of soil and plants depends not just on soil life and nutrients, but the depth and speed of their flows and interconnections. Water lubricates these flows and interconnections. Water carries plant nutrients from the roots upward and food from the leaves downward and plays role in photosynthesis – the solar- powered production of vegetation.

“Water also speeds the decomposition process and transfer of energy between life forms, while speeding the growth of vegetation, earthworms and other soil life.”

Pertaining to water, the Colorado legislature recently voted to modified water law to allow citizens to collect rainwater in two barrels of 55 gallons each. It is expected that the governor will sign this new bill into law this summer.

Meanwhile the Garden Gang grows as its members increase and work together to build on friendship and common interests while helping others build a better garden.


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