Follow the Rules Please! – Nextdoor Neighbor

   The community website,, has policies in place that protect the privacy of posts made by members. Members are neighbors who join the site through their named neighborhood. Government agency staff can post to neighborhoods in their service area, but they can only see their own posts and replies to their posts. They are not be able to see any other content on a neighborhood website. The Nextdoor website is private for the use by the neighbor members.
Recently, an agency member from the City of Littleton, under the Rumor Guard heading, posted a response to a member’s neighborhood post and called her by name. The agency post was also fed to the city’s website. The neighbor reached out to Nextdoor with an inquiry about a possible breach of the site’s privacy policy.
The agency member located content from a Nextdoor account, which was not visible to Nextdoor agencies. “That in and of itself presents a problem”, responded Nextdoor. After that, he quoted and named a neighbor member in a post, which is also a violation of Nextdoor guidelines. Nextdoor further advised the City that Nextdoor posts cannot  be posted to the City website. Nextdoor explained to the agency member that this is unacceptable, and that the post needed to be edited or they would pull it down. Neighbors are asked to contact Nextdoor if they see anything like this again.

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