Should Government Give to Charities?

Do you have a favorite charity you enjoy giving to? There are many wonderful organizations to donate your money. According to Giving USA in 2015 Americans donated about $373.25 billion, a record year for contributions. Private individuals and companies make the choice to spend their hard earned money to provide a helpful hand to a charity, but what about when a government entity does? The difference being, government uses tax dollars, not like private people spending their own money. During the budget process this last week, Littleton City Council  budgeted $88,000 for charities in 2017.  Throughout the budgeting process the city staff continuously noted that while Littleton’s revenues are growing, its expenditures are growing quicker. Within a couple of years, money for things like roads will be difficult to come by. Over the past few months there have been serious conversations on tax increases. While donating to charities is the backbone of private folks, is it fiscally responsible for government to force tax payers to do so especially with  looming budget constraints and talk of raising taxes? Is this fair to those struggling to make ends meet already?


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