For the Record – Waters & Co. Selected to Recruit New City Manager and City Attorney

A representative from Waters & Co. met with city council to discuss and establish a timeline for the recruitment process for the city manager.  Interviews with each council member had taken place and the interviews with the department heads would be completed the following day.  For the interviews a profile of the perfect candidate would be created.  Although it was obvious that the council was not “homogenous” there were recurring themes coming out of the interview process.  They are:
  •    Highly experienced
  •    Willing to stay for an extended time
  •    Manages openly and transparent with citizens, staff and council
  •    Ability to manage a full service city at a high level
  •    Able to develop codes, Charter, and ability to apply law as it pertains to our  situation
  •    Experience with urban renewal
  •    Open to innovative ways to maintain infrastructure
Council will be provided with a list of candidates by December 15th with interviews beginning early in January.  Waters & Co. will be running a similar process for the city attorney search “right behind” the city manager search.

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