Lewis and Cluck


Lewis & Cluck store manager Nickolas Paullus with “well-behaved chicken-on-leash” Ruby

By Carol Fey

The sign outside downtown Littleton store Lewis and Cluck is enticing–“Well Behaved On Leash Chickens Welcome.” All of my chickens wanted to go! I explained that one might be enough, so they agreed among themselves that Ruby was the one.

To prepare, I hitched Ruby into a “repurposed” kitten harness. it was a perfect fit with the neck loop on the tightest possible buckle hole, and the chest loop on the loosest. Chickens aren’t shaped at all like kittens, but seemed to average out about the same. Fortunately I had a matching leash—both bright purple—so Ruby was property decked-out to go calling.

Manager Nikolas Paullus was delighted to have a chicken walk into the store. Lewis & Cluck loves visitors!

Ruby thought the store was wonderful. She examined everything at chicken-eye level, and found many kinds of affordable high-quality chicken feed. Of no interest to her, but interesting to me was also feed for horses, rabbits, pot belly pigs, guinea pigs—you name it.

While Nickolas offered Ruby special chicken treats, he filled me in on what the store is about.

In addition to offering quality feeds, Lewis and Cluck is all about cultivating relationships with people who have out-of-the ordinary animals. They offer:

– Wild bird feed
– Chicken-raising classes
– Gardening classes
– Coaching on animal-raising and gardening
– Periodic chicken and rabbit swap days
– A small flock of backyard chickens that you can visit
– And of course, TREATS

Ruby was indeed well-behaved in the store—not a plop on the floor anywhere. And so Nickolas gave her a little bag of chicken treats to take home to impress her chicken sisters.

Lewis & Cluck
5664 S. Prince St, Littleton



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