For the Record – Puma Park’s Lonely Bench


There’s a brand new lonely park bench in Puma Park, the green space behind Powell Middle School.
Its predecessor was a well-used bench, nestled under shade trees, and tucked safely away from the busy sidewalk.  It was often occupied by people reading books, sitting with a dogs, or “just resting.”
A few months ago, South Suburban replaced the good bench with one that no one uses.  The new one is fully exposed to the often-too-bright, often-too-hot sun.  It’s up against the sidewalk, so anyone sitting there is vulnerable to whooshing bikes and lunging dogs.  It’s a nice bench, in a location not good for sitting.
When we asked South Suburban why, they said that it was too hard to mow around the other bench, and that if we don’t like this one we can sit on a different bench.
There are no other benches in this park.

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