Rocker Spirits – Littleton Featured Business



By Carol Fey

Littleton’s Rocker Spirits is part of a growing business trend—micro distilleries.  Opened in August, 2016, Rocker produces and serves high quality whiskey, vodka, and rum onsite at 5587 S. Hill St.  But more interesting even than the excellent spirits is the signature “interactive” rocking bottle.

The bottle that co-owner Duston Evans created is just plain fun to play with; the sides are round!  Tip it over and it rocks itself back upright.  Try as hard as you might, you can’t keep it down.

Plus the bottle is gorgeous to look at and touch.  The bottle has been nominated for six international glass and packaging awards, and has made it to the finals, competing in the classy world of perfume and makeup packaging.  See the video on how the bottle was created and manufactured:


At the same time, Rocker Spirits’ bottle exhibits the theme of the distillery—Industrial Vintage Americana.  The inspiration for the bottle is a 1930’s oil can, which also rocks back upright when tipped. Following the old auto theme, the whiskey bottle label is a speedometer, the vodka is a tachometer, and the rum is an oil pressure gauge. (see picture)

Rocker Spirits’ building dates back to 1954.  It was originally furniture storage, and then home to a couple contracting businesses.   Evans and co-founder Patrick Johnson renovated the brick building with loving care into an inviting social space.  Besides a large bar, there are high top tables and leather couches where you can view the glistening distillery equipment in one direction, tidy stacks of wooden barrels in another, or watch a big screen TV.

Coming soon at Rocker Spirits are wood-fired pizza, pairings of spirits and pizza, and tasting nights.  Right now you can take a distillery tour, sign up for bottle-filling parties, or snuggle in for good spirits.  For details, go to



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