Cernanec Changes His Position on Urban Renewal Depending on the Office He’s Running For

Council member Phil Cernanec has flip-flopped in the last few months about whether or not urban renewal is good for Littleton.  It seems to depend upon whether or not he’s running for office.Cernanec had been in favor of urban renewal until—still on city council but running for county commissioner—he changed his mind for a few months.  In his campaign literature while running for county commissioner, Cernanec said, “FACT:  Littleton City Council has asked staff to research and provide the steps necessary to withdraw current Urban Renewal plans and disband LIFT (Littleton’s Urban Renewal Authority) since its use in Littleton is now impractical.”

When Cernanec lost the county commissioner election on June 28, 2016, he reverted to being a city council member.  He suddenly once again supported urban renewal—and its taking taxes that citizens intended for schools and parks.

Back to being a city council member, Cernanec voted on Dec 6, 2016 to keep urban renewal and all four of the urban renewal plans.  See the story in this issue about city council’s repeal of three of the four urban renewal plans.


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