Featured Business: The Chocolate Therapist


By Carol Fey

The Chocolate Therapist, located at 2560 W Main St. in downtown Littleton is a wonderful chocolate store. But it’s also the home of chocolate pairings classes—with wine, with whiskey, with beer, with tea. If you are looking for a special gift, try giving the big adventure of chocolate. The store will even make suggestions of which chocolate bars go with which wines.

The store’s name is the same as a book written by founder, Julie Pech. Pech, a professional nutrition educator, published The Chocolate Therapist: A User’s Guide to the Extraordinary Benefits of Chocolate. She soon became a speaker on radio and TV, and a guest lecturer on cruise ships. Once that was going, she needed her own chocolate. In 2008, in the midst of the economic downturn, she opened The Chocolate Therapist store. At the time her daughter and son, now college students and still involved with the store, were young. They grew up in the business.

The store employs 14 people and is looking to expand.

Pech describes has chocolate as “an extraordinary product at a decent price.” That means it has to be what Pech calls “clean”–the right blend of perfect ingredients: organic flavoring oils, local nuts, without excess sugar or anything artificial. Discovering the ideal blend is like bringing together the right people.

When asked her favorite products, Pech named two:
– The peanut butter meltaway is dark chocolate, natural peanut butter, and Maldon sea salt. Pech say that she and her staff blind-test many different products to discover the right blend—including the salt. Yes, even the type of salt makes a difference.
– The superhero bar is 72% dark chocolate with tart dried cherries and almonds.

A good deal of The Chocolate Therapist’s business is from the website www.chocolatetherapist.com. They ship all over the country. But if you’re local, just drop in to find a perfect gift or to treat yourself. Use the coupon below by Dec 31 to save 40%!



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