Do You Hate Those Robo Calls?


We don’t know who likes to stop what they are doing to run and answer the phone only to find out it is a robo call.  And during campaign season you can almost bet that the call is a robo call but what if it is a dear friend that needs your help?  So, you drop what you are doing and run to pick up.  But enough is enough!  There is a way to end those robo calls from interrupting your day and it is fairly simple and it works!  We have experience with Comcast Xfinity but the service is available for other providers.  If you have Comcast for your land line then go to: you have another provider then go to and see if it will work with your service provider.

We have tried this and it works.  The phone rings and if there is not a second ring it was a robo call that ended!  We have conditioned ourselves now – we don’t even flinch until we hear a second ring.  Try it; life without those annoying robo calls is so much better!


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