Featured Business: Solid Grounds Coffee House


By Carol Fey

Solid Ground Coffee Shop has a purpose—to be a service to the community and a place where people connect.  And it is just that.

It is located at 6505 S. Broadway, behind the McDonald Hyundai auto dealership.

The space is both roomy and cozy. You can snuggle yourself into a leather chair or circle up around a huge wooden table with a group of friends.  Need privacy?  There are even small meeting rooms where you can close the door.  All at once you can see studying, small business meetings, moms with toddlers, an exercise group from the Buck Center having lunch, an adult birthday celebration, and maybe even some artists demonstrating painting technique.

Each month Solid Grounds features a different artist’s work to decorate the walls.  That artist often hosts a reception for the community.  Additionally, Friday evenings provide live music.  The last Friday of each month is open mike night.

Solid Grounds was started nine years ago by the South Fellowship Church for community outreach.  Managed by Melissa Miller, the coffee house is now a proudly successful business with profits going to the church.  Melissa herself has been there 5-1/2 years.   The baristas also tend to stick around.  They are often college students who still work a shift or two a week after graduating.  Melissa believes that both customers and employees keep coming back because they enjoy creating the comfort of community.



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