Did You Know? Facilitator’s Input on Reasons for Council’s Dysfunction

City Council held an all-day retreat on April 28, 2019.  Council and staff hired a facilitator Kevin King, Founder and CEO of Transformation Point,.  He interviewed the council members and presented his findings at the meeting.    Here are some of the themes he found:

  • “Trust is relatively low among Council overall” (#7)
  • “Passive aggressive behaviors are demonstrated in Council member interactions. Bad behaviors are allowed and not addressed in a way that produces sustainable change in behavior.” (#6)
  • “Lack of strategy and clear strategic focus” (#2)
  • “Closed communication channel. Council is not communicating effectively as a unified team.”  (#4)
  • “Council is not cohesive…(and) Does not have an integrated plan or vision for the City.” (#8)

The consultant identified specific actions for the city and council to create cohesion among the group.  These include:

  • Develop a strategic plan with the community to “define the future of the City” (#1)
  • Hold council members accountable for “standards of behavior.” (#2)
  • Overcome polarity on the council (#3) and focus on constituents rather than disagreements amongst council (#8)

The complete document from Transformation Strategies is available on the City’s web site. https://www.littletongov.org/home/showdocument?id=14700


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