Littleton City Council’s Strategic Priorities

By Linda Knufinke

During Council’s all day retreat, Council developed and prioritized a list of projects they would like to see happen.  The City will review the prioritized list and determine plans and resources required to complete the list.   The City has not released the list of priorities but various projects are described below.

The project with the Council’s highest priority is to determine what to do with 1.9 million in Tabor excess for 2016.  They have a number of options to assess including going to the voters with specific projects, reducing property taxes and issuing checks to the voters.  Council is leaning toward asking voters to fund specific infrastructure projects.

Another project that is near the top of the list is to change how council does outreach which includes reinstituting district meetings once a quarter and being more flexible to obtain citizen input.

Other suggestions include:

  • Develop a comprehensive plan for the Columbine Square area to provide a vision to LIFT to help guide them to implement the Columbine Square Urban Renewal Plan.
  • Address long-term revenue shortfalls/
  • Engage the business community and attract business to the city.
  • Review existing zoning and recommend changes to the zoning code.
  • Create a public/private partnership to extend light rail to Highlands Ranch.
  • Decide on fire department unification/remodel/dispatch/redesign
  • Update the city-wide comp plan
  • Address design guidelines
  • Review short term private rentals like Airbnb
  • Address the aging population
  • Attention to Santa Fe and Mineral
  • Create a Business Improvement District for downtown Littleton
  • Continue to look at infrastructure

Council had a long discussion of what to do with the Saver’s property that has recently become vacant.  It was suggested the Littleton Town Hall Arts Center could move to that property.

The finance department and economic development department provided their perspective of the future of the city.   The city finance department said they anticipate less sales and use taxes with the closure of The Walmart Neighborhood Store, Colorado Fabrics and Savers.  They also anticipate an increase in property taxes.


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