Art of Civility

By Sherrie Chism

The Oxford dictionary defines civility as “formal politeness and courtesy in behavior or speech.”  Originally it is derived from the Latin word “civilitas” and in early use the term represented the state of being a citizen, good citizenship or respectful behavior.

It has been noted at recent city council meetings that certain council members are having a difficult time with the art of civility.  People are passionate about what and how they feel but doesn’t it degrade the message if it’s delivered with put downs, innuendos and just plain bad behavior?   Can we still be polite and respectful even if we strongly disagree about an issue?  The answer to that should be yes.

I believe we have a responsibility to point out situations where elected officials are behaving in a non-professional or degrading fashion but may I offer an additional thought in that we must also lead by example.  It seems that in today’s day and age many people have forgotten how to conduct themselves in a polite and courteous manner and if we must point it out when it occurs, then isn’t that part of being a good citizen?


Whose Life Is It, Anyway?

By Bill McGee

Are you living your life?

I know, sounds like a dumb question. But, think about it. What is most important to you in experiencing the quality of life you desire?

We often feel overwhelmed by the demands of our environment and forget about what’s most important to us. It’s easy to go from day to day obeying the dictates of society or habits that don’t serve us well.

The way to change that—and have a more rewarding life—is to become clear on your most important values.

I have done this powerful exercise and discovered that my Number One value is Personal Peace. For somebody else, it may be Adventure. Or Wealth. Or Career Success.

Knowing your most important values does not preclude having other desirable things. It means choosing your top priorities in experiencing life.

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