Featured Business: Manna Bakery and Deli Serving Made-From-Scratch Meals


By Carol Brzeczek

If you are a long-time resident of Littleton, no doubt you stopped in at Manna Bakery in the Woodlawn shopping center years ago. It’s still a great bakery, but at a different location— 6905 South Broadway at the intersection of Ridge Road.

After serving made-from-scratch meals and baked goods at the Woodlawn location, Debbie Chadwick sold the business January of 2000, and moved back to Amish country in northern Indiana where she was born and raised. But her kids were in the Littleton area and she soon found her way back here only to be coaxed back into business with her daughter, Eve. In June of 2012 they opened Manna Bakery in the Broadridge shopping center. They immediately caught the eye of customers from the Woodlawn days eager to see what the new Manna Bakery had to offer. And, of course, they found the same and more!

You can feel the warmth of the Colorado sun while enjoying your meal, either by the windows inside or at sidewalk tables outside. They have free wi-fi so you can stay connected if that is important.

Debbie and Eve have an array of sandwiches, salads, quiches, and soups to select from. You can’t go wrong with whatever you choose. In addition to the numerous bars, cookies, cupcakes, pies, you can get gluten free items as well. For breakfast, try the sticky buns or cinnamon rolls. And their homemade biscuits and gravy have gotten rave reviews for a down-home breakfast.

Manna Bakery & Deli is a welcome addition to the east side of town. They are open Monday – Friday 7am to 5pm, Saturday 7am to 4pm and Sunday 7am to 2pm. Don’t forget Manna Bakery when planning special events. They do it all and they do it all well.


Featured Business: Solid Grounds Coffee House


By Carol Fey

Solid Ground Coffee Shop has a purpose—to be a service to the community and a place where people connect.  And it is just that.

It is located at 6505 S. Broadway, behind the McDonald Hyundai auto dealership.

The space is both roomy and cozy. You can snuggle yourself into a leather chair or circle up around a huge wooden table with a group of friends.  Need privacy?  There are even small meeting rooms where you can close the door.  All at once you can see studying, small business meetings, moms with toddlers, an exercise group from the Buck Center having lunch, an adult birthday celebration, and maybe even some artists demonstrating painting technique.

Each month Solid Grounds features a different artist’s work to decorate the walls.  That artist often hosts a reception for the community.  Additionally, Friday evenings provide live music.  The last Friday of each month is open mike night.

Solid Grounds was started nine years ago by the South Fellowship Church for community outreach.  Managed by Melissa Miller, the coffee house is now a proudly successful business with profits going to the church.  Melissa herself has been there 5-1/2 years.   The baristas also tend to stick around.  They are often college students who still work a shift or two a week after graduating.  Melissa believes that both customers and employees keep coming back because they enjoy creating the comfort of community.


Featured Business: The Chocolate Therapist


By Carol Fey

The Chocolate Therapist, located at 2560 W Main St. in downtown Littleton is a wonderful chocolate store. But it’s also the home of chocolate pairings classes—with wine, with whiskey, with beer, with tea. If you are looking for a special gift, try giving the big adventure of chocolate. The store will even make suggestions of which chocolate bars go with which wines.

The store’s name is the same as a book written by founder, Julie Pech. Pech, a professional nutrition educator, published The Chocolate Therapist: A User’s Guide to the Extraordinary Benefits of Chocolate. She soon became a speaker on radio and TV, and a guest lecturer on cruise ships. Once that was going, she needed her own chocolate. In 2008, in the midst of the economic downturn, she opened The Chocolate Therapist store. At the time her daughter and son, now college students and still involved with the store, were young. They grew up in the business.

The store employs 14 people and is looking to expand.

Pech describes has chocolate as “an extraordinary product at a decent price.” That means it has to be what Pech calls “clean”–the right blend of perfect ingredients: organic flavoring oils, local nuts, without excess sugar or anything artificial. Discovering the ideal blend is like bringing together the right people.

When asked her favorite products, Pech named two:
– The peanut butter meltaway is dark chocolate, natural peanut butter, and Maldon sea salt. Pech say that she and her staff blind-test many different products to discover the right blend—including the salt. Yes, even the type of salt makes a difference.
– The superhero bar is 72% dark chocolate with tart dried cherries and almonds.

A good deal of The Chocolate Therapist’s business is from the website www.chocolatetherapist.com. They ship all over the country. But if you’re local, just drop in to find a perfect gift or to treat yourself. Use the coupon below by Dec 31 to save 40%!


Rocker Spirits – Littleton Featured Business



By Carol Fey

Littleton’s Rocker Spirits is part of a growing business trend—micro distilleries.  Opened in August, 2016, Rocker produces and serves high quality whiskey, vodka, and rum onsite at 5587 S. Hill St.  But more interesting even than the excellent spirits is the signature “interactive” rocking bottle.

The bottle that co-owner Duston Evans created is just plain fun to play with; the sides are round!  Tip it over and it rocks itself back upright.  Try as hard as you might, you can’t keep it down.

Plus the bottle is gorgeous to look at and touch.  The bottle has been nominated for six international glass and packaging awards, and has made it to the finals, competing in the classy world of perfume and makeup packaging.  See the video on how the bottle was created and manufactured:


At the same time, Rocker Spirits’ bottle exhibits the theme of the distillery—Industrial Vintage Americana.  The inspiration for the bottle is a 1930’s oil can, which also rocks back upright when tipped. Following the old auto theme, the whiskey bottle label is a speedometer, the vodka is a tachometer, and the rum is an oil pressure gauge. (see picture)

Rocker Spirits’ building dates back to 1954.  It was originally furniture storage, and then home to a couple contracting businesses.   Evans and co-founder Patrick Johnson renovated the brick building with loving care into an inviting social space.  Besides a large bar, there are high top tables and leather couches where you can view the glistening distillery equipment in one direction, tidy stacks of wooden barrels in another, or watch a big screen TV.

Coming soon at Rocker Spirits are wood-fired pizza, pairings of spirits and pizza, and tasting nights.  Right now you can take a distillery tour, sign up for bottle-filling parties, or snuggle in for good spirits.  For details, go to www.rockerspirits.com.


Lewis and Cluck


Lewis & Cluck store manager Nickolas Paullus with “well-behaved chicken-on-leash” Ruby

By Carol Fey

The sign outside downtown Littleton store Lewis and Cluck is enticing–“Well Behaved On Leash Chickens Welcome.” All of my chickens wanted to go! I explained that one might be enough, so they agreed among themselves that Ruby was the one.

To prepare, I hitched Ruby into a “repurposed” kitten harness. it was a perfect fit with the neck loop on the tightest possible buckle hole, and the chest loop on the loosest. Chickens aren’t shaped at all like kittens, but seemed to average out about the same. Fortunately I had a matching leash—both bright purple—so Ruby was property decked-out to go calling.

Manager Nikolas Paullus was delighted to have a chicken walk into the store. Lewis & Cluck loves visitors!

Ruby thought the store was wonderful. She examined everything at chicken-eye level, and found many kinds of affordable high-quality chicken feed. Of no interest to her, but interesting to me was also feed for horses, rabbits, pot belly pigs, guinea pigs—you name it.

While Nickolas offered Ruby special chicken treats, he filled me in on what the store is about.

In addition to offering quality feeds, Lewis and Cluck is all about cultivating relationships with people who have out-of-the ordinary animals. They offer:

– Wild bird feed
– Chicken-raising classes
– Gardening classes
– Coaching on animal-raising and gardening
– Periodic chicken and rabbit swap days
– A small flock of backyard chickens that you can visit
– And of course, TREATS

Ruby was indeed well-behaved in the store—not a plop on the floor anywhere. And so Nickolas gave her a little bag of chicken treats to take home to impress her chicken sisters.

Lewis & Cluck
5664 S. Prince St, Littleton