Daily Surroundings Affect Quality of Life

By Bill McGee

Many internal and external factors determine your quality of life.

Several studies have found that that the amount of open space in a community often correlates with how residents experience life.

The higher the ratio of open space to density (buildings, walls, other man-made solid objects), the better perceived quality of life.

Communities with plenty of planned open space usually are considered more desirable (including higher property values) than those with plenty of planned density.

In Littleton, the Citizens for Rational Development and the Sunshine Boys, among others, have been leaders in thinking through what provides healthy, pleasurable, functional open space. South Suburban Parks and Recreation plan pleasant areas and implement relaxing and therapeutic activities that benefit those who use them.

Development is always occurring in any community. Positive development occurs when the needs and wishes of most local stakeholders are thoughtfully considered. And when community laws and rules are followed in an orderly manner.

It’s not too much to ask of our governing bodies.