Who Are the Sunshine Boyz?

Fifteen years ago three citizens got together to in response to the grocery tax in Littleton.  With a mission to shed light on what was going on in Littleton city government, they called themselves the Sunshine Boyz.  As a result of their efforts, the grocery tax was abolished. But the Sunshine Boyz—now often referred to simply as Sunshine—still meets.

Sunshine meets every Friday morning 9:00 to 10:30 at Connections, a meeting space provided by the South Fellowship Church, 6560 S Broadway, just south of the Solid Grounds coffee house.

Sunshine originator Marty Bolt describes the meeting as an open community forum about local government and events.  It’s made up of every political persuasion, yet politics are never discussed.  What attendees have in common is concern about Littleton from the common citizens’ perspective.

Local issues are discussed, sometimes enough that citizens venture beyond Sunshine and initiate citizen ballot measures. Or they get involved with other groups such as Citizens for Rational Development that have formed to work on specific issues.  Some of the citizen efforts passed are:

Citizens for Rational Development sponsored ballot initiative 301 limiting the use of executive sessions.  It passed by 73.9%.

Citizens for Rational Development sponsored ballot initiative302 that requires a super majority approval for controversial zoning changes.  It passed by 59.3%.

Your Littleton Your Vote sponsored initiative 300 providing citizens the right to vote on certain urban renewal plans approved by city council.  It passed by 60.2% in a special election held March 3, 2015.

Advocates for Littleton is a citizen group suing the city over the lack of due process in city government’s approval of the 160-unit apartment development called The Grove.

And, because Sunshine has been around so long several, people who attend Sunshine helped overturn council’s approval of WalMart years ago.

Original Sunshine Boy Marty Bolt believes that Sunshine has lasted—and has grown—for 15 years because of some simple rules:

  •     The purpose of the meeting is to share information about local government and           events
  •     There is no membership, leader, or dues
  •     There is no agenda
  •     No partisan politics are ever discussed
  •     Each person who wants to speak raises a hand to get on the list
  •     Each person’s comments are heard with respect
  •     Full breakfast is $3, coffee only is $1
  •     Humor among attendees is encouraged

New people are always welcome, and Sunshine invites everyone to attend!